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Ben and Paige Easter are co-hosts of The Shift to Freedom podcast as well as business mindset coaches with Lucid Shift Coaching. Their goal is to transform clients' lives through coaching. In this episode, Ben and Paige talk about the scientific approach to affirmations and how they can be used to further personal development.

Affirmations are a very useful tool for becoming the person you want to be in life, but you may not have tried them simply because the concept sounds a little woo-woo at first. However, the impact of simple affirmations are very much based in neuroscience. Today, co-hosts Ben and Paige Easter talk about the scientific approach to affirmations and the way that they can benefit your personal development.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Ben Easter with Paige Easter on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • What are affirmations?

  • The neuroscience behind how affirmations work

  • Why the way people talk to themselves matters

  • What are cognitive biases?

  • How affirmations can be used to rewrite negative cognitive biases

  • How to create an affirmation through visualization

Ben Easter, co-host of the Shift to Freedom Podcast

Podcast Quotes:

  • "What we're really trying to do when we're creating an affirmation is we're priming our brain, we're priming that reticular activating system to look for evidence that the affirmation thought is true." (8:08-8:20 | Ben)

  • "When we feel different, we show up differently. And we can increase our likelihood that we'll have the requisite internal resources to go out and act in a way that gets us the kind of results that we want in the world." (13:54-14:06 | Paige)

  • "You'll know your affirmation is starting to really take root when you find yourself thinking the thought without intending to think it." (15:33-15:39 | Ben)

  • "Saying nice things to yourself is better than not saying nice things to yourself. But if those affirmations aren't in perfect alignment with your vision for yourself and your future, they're going to be a little bit less impactful." (18:59-19:10 | Ben)

  • "It might be super easy and be a really seamless transition to start thinking positive thoughts about yourself and taking on an affirmation practice. But if it isn't, just know that something in you is trying to keep you safe. Your brain is trying to save energy by doing things the way it's always done." (33:09-33:23 | Paige)

About the Podcast Co-Hosts:

To learn more about Ben and Paige Easter visit the Lucid Shift Coaching website (Lucid Shift Coaching).

About The Shift to Freedom Podcast:

The Shift to Freedom podcast is the place where you will find the courage to show up as your most authentic self. Host Ben Easter explores the intersection of business and relationship through humorous and deep conversations. The goal is to move more into the aligned versions of who we are and free ourselves from the stories that limit or hold us back, either financially, socially, emotionally, or mentally. Join Ben and his collaborators, weekly, to start making the shift into freedom!

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Ben Easter with Paige Easter on your preferred podcast channel.

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