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TUSTIN, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2022 / Agravitae, an industry-leading formulator and marketer of graviola-infused luxury health, wellness and skincare products, announces the debut of the world's first premium, Estate-Crafted Graviola Herbal Tea. This is the first graviola tea to be produced using an original process under the direction of world-renowned tea expert Nigel Melican.

For generations, graviola (soursop) has been known as a powerful superfood. Herbal graviola tea is said to support healthy digestion and immune function as well as cardiovascular health and improved sleep.

Estate crafted means the tea originates from a single property or plantation. Agravitae's graviola tea leaves come from graviola trees sustainably grown on TKO Farms, the world's largest graviola farm. Located in Belize, TKO Farms has an exclusive partnership with Agravitae.

'Being estate crafted is significant because having a consistent source directly contributes to the quality, taste and health benefits of each tea leaf,' explains Agravitae founder and Chairman Ken Owen.

Agraviate and TKO Farms elevate graviola tea's quality and nutrient value

Cultivated in the tropical regions of the Americas, Caribbean, Africa and Southeast Asia, graviola has been relatively unheard of outside of these tropical regions until recently, because it has an extremely fragile shelf-life and is difficult to transport.

Agravitae's Estate-Crafted Graviola Herbal Tea is produced through an original, proprietary process pioneered by TKO Farms. That original process, combined with proprietary manufacturing and logistic technological advances, have now made it possible for Agravitae to bring a premium graviola tea to the U.S. that preserves the integrity of graviola's nutrients.

Unlike other graviola tea makers, only Agravitae takes the extra steps to preserve and enhance the tea's bioactives. Only young leaves are used, always picked at the height of their nutritional value. They're delicately handled in a temperature-controlled environment before being refined to their purest form.

'Some would say we do things the hard way. We say it's the right way. This unique process has enabled our world-renowned tea masters to finally bring the powers of the delicate tea to the world. They are seamlessly blending time-tested cultivating techniques with state-of-the-art tea processing to bring you our Estate-Crafted Herbal Graviola Tea,' says Owen.

Agravitae's 100% pure, Estate-Crafted Herbal Graviola Tea is available as:

  • Individual sachets (14 count per package): A fast, convenient and fool-proof way to brew the perfect cup of graviola tea. These sachets are ideal for people on the go.
  • Whole Leaf Tea: Ideal for tea purists who can take more time to brew their graviola tea to suit their taste and preference. Brew as much or as little as you need.

Owen predicts there will be high demand for Agravitae's Estate-Crafted Graviola Herbal Tea. 'Natural health practitioners as well as savvy consumers are singing graviola's praises due to its high nutrient content, while others consume it for its antioxidants which include phytosterols, tannins, and flavonoids,' he says. 'We are just scratching the surface when it comes to the many positive effects that can come with drinking graviola tea.'

About Agravitae

Agravitae is an innovative formulator and marketer of graviola-infused luxury health, wellness, and skincare products. Utilizing a truly holistic product development approach that is steeped in tradition, seeded in science, and motivated by a belief that true health is living in harmony with nature's law, Agravitae's nutrient dense, graviola-infused products are now available to consumers everywhere.

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