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HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2020 / Babies deserve the best care we can give them; that's a point just about everyone can agree on.

So why isn't the baby industry built with that in mind?

Stories about lead or carcinogens in toys come out on a regular basis, and it's easy to wonder: Why are manufacturers building baby products with untested materials? Or materials that could hurt our children?

Mushie Feigenson had the same question when she was pregnant with her second child. When she was hunting for baby products, she found that she was uncomfortable with much of the inventory available. Many products had harmful plastics and artificial things she was uncomfortable with.

'I had plenty of time to check out baby products because I was stuck in bed with hyperemesis gravidarum for months,' she says. 'My illness basically kept me from doing anything else, so I got really familiar with all the offerings on the market. And I didn't like any of them.'

Baby Products Built Different

Feigenson got so frustrated with the variety of baby products on the market that she decided to build her own company. She'd spent so much time designing her nursery, checking the mommy bloggers on Instagram and creating the perfect setup for her child.

'I couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to do my own thing. Levi and I were able to build something that filled every need we had,' she says.

Mushie and her husband Levi both came from big families, which gave them something of a starting point when it came to dealing with children's products. They both had eight siblings growing up. They'd spent time around a lot of kids. It wasn't hard to know what to do.

Levi had some business experience to apply to the baby business. He'd been working as a marketing consultant in the Houston area with companies like Green Plate Foods and affordable eyewear brand Privé Revaux. He and Mushie were able to invest $1,500 of their own money and get it off the ground.

'Levi's business experience helped, but I've been responsible for the social media outreach, relationships and marketing,' says Mushie. 'We were able to tap into a niche that wasn't being serviced, and because I had my finger on the pulse we were able to capitalize fast. I knew what moms like me wanted. And because we were the only ones doing it this way, it was an easy sell.'

Mushie's experience searching for products paid dividends. It didn't matter how far away or how difficult to find it was, she'd take the time to find safe baby products. She learned how to source from safe areas, how to tell a good factory from a bad one and how to get the right materials for baby safety.

Growing the Business

When their second child was born, so was the brand that Levi and Mushie Feigenson had been working on. The Mushie brand started because the Feigensons couldn't get good quality, safe baby products for their children, but it quickly became a bigger mission.

'We knew that if we couldn't find these products, neither could other people,' says Mushie Feigenson. 'I spent time on the phone with international suppliers and designers trying to get them to bring their products to the US because I truly believed they were the best for my kids. And if they were the best for my kids, why wouldn't I share them with other people? We care about all babies-not just our own.'

That sincerity carried the company to quick success. Within the first two years, Mushie expanded to 700,000 followers on social media. Furthermore, in 2020, it's expected to reach $15 million in revenue.

500 retailers now sell Mushie products direct to the consumer, including major retailers Target and Nordstrom. From small boutiques to large big box stores, Mushie's found penetration everywhere.

One of the biggest things that's set their products apart is the emphasis on design. With a design crew based in both Houston and Scandinavia, Mushie's been able to embrace the spare and clean tenets of Nordic design and implement them in everything they create.

'We wanted the products we created to be safe, useful and beautiful,' Mushie Feigenson says.

'Our baby products are designed from the ground up to be good for babies, but they're also designed to be appealing for moms. There's a balance we wanted to strike between design and practicality and we're constantly working to get it right.'

Baby Products Made Simple and Elegant

Mushie products were made to fill the needs of mothers who want to give their children the safest possible products while still enjoying the benefits of top-quality design. That would never have happened without Mushie Feigenson's effort while she was bedridden.

Simple products with quality sources that address a market need. Great social media outreach that hits people where they live. That's what Mushie did right. And it's paid dividends for them.

With their revenue spiking and their products gaining recognition in stores everywhere, Mushie has managed to carve out a space for themselves rapidly. Those safe, reliable, eco-friendly baby products have put them at the head of the pack.

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